My workplace – dominated by Apple! What about you?

Today I got a new docking station for my iPad. After it was solemnly inaugurated I thought: You have so damn much stuff from Apple… so what about you and your workplace? 



I have:

Macbook Pro Retina 2.7 GHz i7 with 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 500 GB SSD-HDD, NVIDIA GT 650M graphic card 1 GB, OS X 10.8.4

The New iPad, white, wi-fi

iPhone 4S

Magic Mouse + Magic Charger

Wireless Keyboard

(and an EIZO LCD monitor, 23″, Full HD, 5 years warranty)

I can highly recommend all products. They are in their daily work perfectly and never noticed negative (except the iPhone, which I have 4x exchanged within 9 months).

Ein Gedanke zu “My workplace – dominated by Apple! What about you?

  1. Nutze mittlerweile auch nur noch Apple-Produkte. Früher hatte ich nur Windows-Kisten.. aber was soll ich sagen, iMac, iPhone und Co. sind eben in jedem Punkt zuverlässiger. Nettes Setup übrigens!


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