Social Bookmarking, Content Collectors and Curators or: Research 3.0 (+ Infographics)

There are more than 25.000.000 Websites with more than single pages in the world wide web. Every day we surf the web, doing a research for our job, private or just for fun. There is definitely an information overload! But how can we handle it?

I’ve found a nice infographic about Content Curation. It shows why Content Curation is so important and how much informations we got from all those sources we are using each day. 72 hours of video on Youtube each hour! Or 140 billion tweets every day via Twitter. 2.3 million posts on tumblr every hour!

Do you realize?

If you don’t know how to manage it, it will overwhelm you!

You have to distinguish between three types of curation:

1. Social Bookmarking

That means to save links via lots of tools like StumbleUpon, Delicious or Diigo.

2. Content Collection

The most popular tools to collect content from websites are PinterestReddit or Pocket.

3. Content Curation

This is the premium class. A special mix of Social Bookmarking (but more visual), Aggregation/Collection (but with more options) and some nice features like grouping, sorting, moving, editing, highlighting etc. (this depends on the tool provider). The best tools for that are Keeeb, Storify and

You can find some cool infographics about Content Curation on my Keeeb page: content_curation_and_content_marketing/

What kind of service do you use for your daily research?

Bye for now


Content Curation

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